Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology” (IR) refers to a
range of techniques which rely on the use
radiological image guidance (X-ray
fluoroscopy, ultrasound, computed
tomography [CT] or magnetic resonance
imaging [MRI]) to precisely target therapy.
Most IR treatments are minimally invasive
alternatives to open and laparoscopic
(keyhole) surgery. As many IR procedures
start with passing a needle through the skin
to the target it is sometimes called pinhole


1. Aneurysm coiling
2. Brain AVM embolization
3. Stroke management
4. Carotid stenting
5. Flow diverter

Chest / Pulmonary

1. Bronchial embolisation( BAE)
2. Lung mass : Radiofrequency
3. Pulmonary AVM embolisation
4. Difficult biopsies
5. Pleurodesis
6. Pulmonary embolism management
7. IVC filter
8. Chylothorax: thoracic duct

Nephrology / Urology

1. PCN
2. Antegrade DJ stent
3. Renal aneurysm coiling
4. Renal AVF
5. Fistuloplasty
6. Central venous recanalization
7. Renal mass: RFA, microwave
8. Angiomyolipoma with bleed: Embolization
9. Prostatic artery embolization
10. Renal artery stenting

General Surgery

  1. Varicose vein laser (EVLA)
  2. Visceral aneurysmal bleed coiling
  3. Cystogastrostomy: pancreatic
  4. Post op lymphatic leak embolisation
  5. Biliary drainage


1. Coeliac plexus neurolysis for pain
2. Hypogastric plexus block for pelvic pain
3. Vertebroplasty for vertebral collapse
4. Bleeding carcinoma embolisation
6. RFA
7. Microwave
8. Difficult biopsies
9. Post op lymphatic leak management

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

  1. TACE
  2. RFA
  3. Microwave
  4. BRTO
  5. TIPS
  6. HVOTO
  7. Biliary drainage
  8. Aneurysm coiling

Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery

1. Aortic aneurysm repair (EVAR)
2. Aortic dissection
3. Iliac artery intervention
4. Peripheral vascular angioplasties and stenting
5. Varicose vein: RFA, Laserablation(EVLA)
6. Deep vein thrombus recanalisation(DVT)
7. Pulmonary aneurysm management
8. IVC filter
9. Vascular malformation: slow / high flow
10. IVC stenting and plasty


1. Uterine art embolisation (UAE)- For postpartum bleed, fibroid etc
2. Fallopian tube recanalisation(FTR)
3. Post op lymphocele embolisation
4. Lymphatic leak management


1. JNA embolization
2. Epistaxis: endovascular embolisation
3. Tonsillar/ tongue CA bleed embolisation


1. Adrenal venous sampling
2. Inferior petrosal sinus sampling (IPSS)

Plastic surgery

Preoperative embolization of AVF and slow flow vascular malformation


Osteoid osteoma RFA

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